# date title file name size
120 26-Apr-04 Cumpleanos de Evelina 3 mov01263 6.0mb
119 26-Apr-04 Cumpleanos de Evelina 2 mov01262e 2.6mb
118 26-Apr-04 Cumpleanos de Evelina 1 mov01253 5.0mb
117 22-Apr-04 Helsinki Symphony Orchestra mov01189 5.5mb
116 18-Apr-04 Buenos Aires: Tango w/ Evelina mov01162 3.2mb
115 06-Apr-04 Rain: Car in Intersection mov00928 2.0mb
114 06-Apr-04 Rain: Robert has Problems mov00930 0.9mb
113 04-Apr-04 Semana de la Cerveza: Ruben mov00918 3.1mb
112 03-Apr-04 Semana de la Cerveza: Beethoven and Bombs mov00874 7.8mb
111 23-Mar-04 Riding Stairs mov00660 2.3mb
110 19-Mar-04 Punta del Diablo: Waves mov00543 2.5mb
109 18-Mar-04 Punta del Diablo: Sunset mov00514 5.1mb
108 09-Mar-04 Iguazu: Cataratas Scan mov00257 2.3mb
107 09-Mar-04 Iguazu: Garganta del Diablo mov00320 2.8mb
106 09-Mar-04 Iguazu: Boat Ride mov00281 7.0mb
105 09-Mar-04 Iguazu: Saltos mov00276 1.8mb
104 07-Mar-04 Noisy Plank Bridge mov00242 3.3mb
103 24-Feb-04 The Crowd mov03403 5.0mb
102 24-Feb-04 Searchlights mov03360 2.1mb
101 24-Feb-04 Cops mov03338 2.6mb
100 24-Feb-04 Carlson Skates mov03329 1.9mb
99 22-Feb-04 Samba Legend mov03248 13.0mb
98 22-Feb-04 Band mov03229 2.3mb
97 22-Feb-04 Parade mov03219 2.3mb
96 15-Feb-04 Tango mov03109 7.0mb
95 14-Feb-04 Mason and Jamilla Ride mov03042 0.6mb
94 30-Jan-04 Penguins: Run Away! mov02601 1.9mb
93 28-Dec-03 Motocross Jumping mov01470 1.4mb
92 28-Dec-03 Motocross Corner mov01493 2.8mb
91 16-Dec-03 Corner of Lagarrigue & Lopez de Bello, Santiago mov01265 4.2mb
90 15-Dec-03 One Man Percussion Band mov01239 2.3mb
89 12-Dec-03 Campfire mov01186 1.8mb
88 12-Dec-03 Why My Life Sucks: The Sequel mov01167 2.5mb
87 12-Dec-03 Waves mov01138 4.8mb
86 05-Dec-03 Special: La Cucharacha mov00877 2.4mb
85 04-Dec-03 The Beach at Arica mov00870 3.2mb
84 03-Dec-03 Marching Band mov00858 2.3mb
83 03-Dec-03 Riding out of the house mov00825 1.9mb
82 29-Nov-03 Lois Keying the Ivory mov00718 1.3mb
81 29-Nov-03 Lois the Pianist mov00719 4.5mb
80 03-Nov-03 Lightning Storm over La Paz mov00025 1.9mb
79 07-Mar-03 Weird Chicken-like Creature mov04417 2.1mb
78 01-Mar-03 Carnival Fireworks mov04244 2.9mb
77 01-Mar-03 Carnival Band #3 mov04239 1.7mb
76 01-Mar-03 Carnival Band #2 mov04235 1.1mb
75 01-Mar-03 Carnival Band #1 mov04226 1.4mb
74 26-Feb-03 Panama Canal mov04143 1.5mb
73 04-Feb-03 Divemaster Davey mov03624 0.8mb
72 04-Feb-03 Sea Fan and Fish mov03622 1.8mb
71 02-Feb-03 Old Guys mov03566 5.0mb
70 02-Feb-03 Old Guys #2 mov03572 2.8mb
69 31-Dec-02 Utila Appears mov02964 1.5mb
68 26-Dec-02 Snowplow mov02865 1.9mb
67 21-Dec-02 Feliz Navidad mov02831 2.6mb
66 21-Dec-02 Christmas Shopping mov02813 1.8mb
65 19-Dec-02 Going Away #1 mov02755 10.2mb
64 19-Dec-02 Going Away #2 mov02762 6.7mb
63 19-Dec-02 Going Away #3 mov02775 4.0mb
62 19-Dec-02 Going Away #4 mov02781 4.3mb
61b 17-Dec-02 Mario's Taxi Ride mov02658 1.9mb
61 12-Dec-02 Finca Ixobel Olympics mov02586 3.0mb
60 12-Dec-02 Finca Ixobel Olympics #2 mov02590 3.0mb
59 12-Dec-02 Finca Ixobel Olympics #3 mov02593 2.0mb
58 12-Dec-02 Finca Ixobel Olympics #4 mov02594 2.0mb
57 12-Dec-02 Finca Ixobel Olympics #5 mov02595 1.4mb
56 10-Dec-02 Kayaking mov02468 1.0mb
55 09-Dec-02 Gas Truck mov02445 3.1mb
54 09-Dec-02 Gas Truck #2 mov02449 2.8mb
53 08-Dec-02 Attack Goose mov02417 0.9mb
52 08-Dec-02 Attack Goose #2 mov02419 1.5mb
51 05-Dec-02 Jorge & Pablo mov02365 3.2mb
50 05-Dec-02 Jorge & Pablo #2 mov02367 2.7mb
49 05-Dec-02 Guatemaltecos mov02376 4.0mb
48 03-Dec-02 Guatemalteco mov02337 2.3mb
47 03-Dec-02 Black is the Color mov02332 2.5mb
46 03-Dec-02 Sinead #2 mov02345 4.1mb
45 02-Dec-02 Sinead mov02320 2.3mb
44 02-Dec-02 Wish You Were Here mov02303 2.5mb
43 02-Dec-02 Aye Aye Aye mov02302 3.4mb
42 02-Dec-02 Astrid Fire Show mov02255 3.7mb
41 02-Dec-02 Astrid and Adi Fire Show mov02234 2.0mb
40 01-Dec-02 Garifuna Percussion mov02175 2.8mb
39 01-Dec-02 River mov02140 1.6mb
38 29-Nov-02 Bus Passing mov02092 4.3mb
37 28-Nov-02 The Finca Bar mov02088 1.6mb
36 28-Nov-02 Adi's Fire Show mov02057 1.7mb
35 28-Nov-02 Adi's Fire Show #2 mov02055 1.4mb
34 28-Nov-02 Treehouse in the Rain mov02004 1.0mb
33 24-Nov-02 Tikal mov01892 3.0mb
32 24-Nov-02 Howler Monkeys mov01959 3.4mb
31 21-Nov-02 Geese mov01750 0.4mb
30 18-Nov-02 Hola ola .08mb
29 15-Nov-02 Jazz Guitar 3 mov01604 3.4mb
28 15-Nov-02 Jazz Guitar 2 mov01591 4.5mb
27 15-Nov-02 Jazz Guitar 1 mov01589 2.3mb
26 15-Nov-02 More Mariachi mov01585 7.6mb
25 15-Nov-02 Boy on Horse mov01580 1.0mb
24 13-Nov-02 Parrot mov01484 1.1mb
23 10-Nov-02 Band mov01412 2.9mb
22 09-Nov-02 Female Opera mov01382 2.6mb
21 09-Nov-02 Group Opera mov01387 1.8mb
20 09-Nov-02 Mariachi mov01393 2.3mb
19 05-Nov-02 Another waterfall mov01280 1.5mb
18 05-Nov-02 Don't go chasing Waterfalls... mov01273 0.8mb
17 04-Nov-02 Landing! mov01265 7.1mb
16 04-Nov-02 Waterfalls mov01152 0.9mb
15 03-Nov-02 Asian Dance: Jingle Bells mov01139 6.8mb
14 03-Nov-02 Asian Dance: The Gang mov01118 3.4mb
13 03-Nov-02 Asian Dance: Boys mov01134 6.7mb
12 03-Nov-02 Asian Dance: Drums mov01141 2.7mb
11 03-Nov-02 Asian Dance: Girls mov01130 2.5mb
10 03-Nov-02 Asian Dance: The Girl mov01124 4.7mb
09 01-Nov-02 Dia de Muertos: Parade 3 mov01023  6.5mb
08 01-Nov-02 Dia de Muertos: Parade 2 mov01006 23.2mb
07 01-Nov-02 Dia de Muertos: Parade mov01005 10.7mb
06 01-Nov-02 Monte Alban mov00959 8.1mb
05 01-Nov-02 Kids mov00940v 7.1mb
04 01-Nov-02 Waterfall mov00939   0.8mb
03 30-Oct-02 Why My Life Sucks mov00869 4.6mb
02 30-Oct-02 Riding mov00842 5.7mb












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