11 April 2004 - Todo Bien and Fleas

Adan, and his apron (he does not wear it normally, as he wants to keep it as a 'recuerdo'..  which is a souvenir.. but in one of the nice ways of Spanish, it is the same word as memory.)

the last few days have been rough on my feet.  Jolie, the bar dog, has fleas, and they have spread and they seem to like me...  lots and lots of bites all over my ankles and feet

 10 April 2004 - Sunrise

06 April 2004 - And I thought my tire was bad....

now that is a burnt knobby

03-04 April 2004 - Semana de la Cerveza, Paysandu, Uruguay

me, and the queen and princesses

starting young with the mate


sunset on the river

electing the queen



Robert with the dork's hat

mucho asado

skydivers after sunset


me, Robert, and the dorks




02 April 2004 - Uruguayan Countryside



01 April 2004 - Ciudad Vieja, Montevideo (the old part of the city)








29 March 2004 - "El Portal"  also known as my living room

day time

front door (there is also a back door which is closer to my casa)

night time

29 March 2004 - Playa Grande

Jolie rests in the shade


Playa Grande

Xime's beach art


Rob and his casita




mas Playa Grande


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