27-28 March 2004 - Vivir en Punta del Diablo

Pedro boogie boarding

my adopted cat, 'Noisy'

Pedro boarding

26 March 2004 - Mi casa

view from front porch


mi casa

my adopted flea ridden dog,

now named 'Gimpy'

25 March - Asado en mi casa y despues en la playa

Noelia, Pedro, Ximena, yo, Robert



Robert y yo

Pedro cleans up Jolie's vomit

Noelia, Robert



nice sunglasses



Jolie, pre-vomit

22 March 2004 - Cabo Palonio

dusk, from my hammock

the point


my room is lower right

view from my room

el faro




main fishing beach


normal road sign, all dolled up


weird rock

rock formations


the village

22 March 2004

Uruguayan farm

these (rare in the US) 14 Window VWs are all over South America


21 March 2004 - La Paloma

21 March 2004 - Leaving Punta del Diablo (the first time)

Noelia tries out my bike

Me, Noelia, Adan, Ximena, Pedro

Adan, one killer cook

18-19 March 2004 - Punta del Diablo, Uruguay


fishing boat


big ass splash


the 'punta' in Punta del Diablo


sunset over town


fishing boats on the beach


"No Parking"


huge wet & sandy St. Bernard


more splashes

18 March 2004 - The End of Brazil

giant rodent crossing!

poolside in Cassino


shady parking


hotel parking lot


break time

17 March 2004

Cassino Beach

waiting for the drawbridge

16 March 2004

Porto Alegre Cathedral

countryside farmer's stand

typical Brazilian sidewalk

cool XR400 street bike

different sidewalk

moto parking!

chaulk artist in Porto Alegre

fellow guests at my hotel in Arroio do Sal

statue and cathedral in PA

15 March 2004 - One kinda sunny morning on Ilha de Santa Catarina

14 March 2004 - Praia da Armacao, the rain clears, for now...

14 March 2004

my bike in the rain

a puddle of rain water

pavilion in the rain

12 March 2004

a room with a view


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