02 March 2004 - Teatro Colon, Buenos Aires






29 February 2004 - Buenos Aires: Mason's Last Supper at our favorite Parilla

our boys at the Parilla

mmmm, steaks


looking down at the grill

happy eaters

veggies soaked in olive oil

mmm mmm good

the boys

28 February 2004 - Buenos Aires: Asado in Suburbia

some of the folks

Tini and friend


the girls

same paint as that Golf in SF?

Mason chewing


the bbq party

24 February 2004 - Rio de Janeiro Carnival: a few pictures from Mason's camera

24 February 2004 - Rio de Janeiro Carnival: More Parades and Parties


overlooking the party

Melanie and Mia


Kitty Carlson

Carlson and his fan club

the crowd

party on, Wayne

Mason and random redhead

on the bus!  the horror!

Mia, confused by the camera


Mia learns to tag

what the hell?

crazy guy

dancing everywhere

the crowd

party on, Garth

23 February 2004 - Rio de Janeiro Carnival: The Sambadromo




22 February 2004 - Rio de Janeiro Carnival: Parades, Parties, and Beaches

Copacabana Beach

me and Carlson


main stage

nice sign

daytime parade


Ipanema Beach

evening parade



Carlson walking in front of my shot


Red Label and Red Bull vendor



20 February 2004 - Tigre, Argentina

half submerged boat

Anita and Emily


watching the boats




us at lunch

19 February 2004 - Buenos Aires

Mason and Andreas

Mason and the waitresses




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