18 February 2004




15 February 2004

14 February 2004 - Buenos Aires

me and Mason

lots of bikes


Mason and Jamilla


Save the Pokemon?

widest street in the world


cop quad

14 February 2004 - Cementerio de la Recoleta






12 February 2004 - Buenos Aires

bank building







Presidential Palace, where Madonna met crowds when she was queen of Argentina, or something like that


old building



11 February 2004



09 February 2004 - La Posta del Viajero en Moto

Japanese on 50cc mopeds

Jose y Jaime (I met them in King's Canyon, summer 2001..  small world)


La Posta del Viajero en Moto

Germans on BMWS

Mirko and Peter,

the guys who sent me here


my contribution



07-08 February 2004 - Sierra de la Ventana




1930 Ford

local swimming hole



cool Argentinean-made truck

Road Hotel (Germans, with their own bus with trailer containing tiny sleeping compartments and kitchen)

my dinner table, kitchen, desk, etc.

my ride and the drunk's




05-06 February 2004


moto parking on the Bahia Blanca city square!

Monte Hermoso beach

04 February 2004 - Puerto Piramides

dolphins everywhere

so close I could touch them,

if they would have let me



swarming dophins

dive shop



Axel fixes his crappy boxes



dead crab eaten by other crabs

and more dolphins

small octopus


sea bottom

03 February 2004 - Punta Delgada and Puerto Piramides


elephant seals


Puerto Piramides

elephant seals

Puerto Piramides


elephant seals

Napolean the Dog

Puerto Piramides


elephant seal molted skin

Puerto Piramides

big ole elephant seal


Faro Punta Delgada (lighthouse)

01 February 2004 - Go Patriots!  Super Bowl Champions!



01 February 2004 - Mas Bahia Bustamente

Gerardo, me, Vicky

Hector filleting our catch

my routes in Bahia Bustamente

31 January 2004 Fishing/Bird Watching/Sea Lion Trip

Blackish Oystercatchers

Rock Cormorants


Sea Lions


Big Ole Sea Lion


Sea Lions and their young

chillin' on the beach

more sea lions


Rock Cormorant

the first catch

guarding the nest


a quick few laps

El Capitan Mathias


our little boat


a double catch!


uhh, me

sea lion beach

our catch

30 January 2004 - Bahia Bustamente: The Beach

Bahia del Amour

Bahia del Amour


crisscrossing roads everywhere

old boat




rusty boat welds

dry lake bed


donuts on a big GS!

30 January 2004 - Bahia Bustamente: The Penguins




30 January 2004 - Bahia Bustamente: The Town



my bike and barracks

old tractor wheel

street wign


old tractor

damn dogs!



old table

main street


lucky #29


motorcycle/shaving mirror

gas station

29 January 2004 - Bosque Petrificado



28 January 2004 - Lucho Motos

Luis, Maggi, and me

Me and Estaban racing



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