27 January 2004 - Lucho Motos in Rio Gallegos, Argentina

Lucho Motos

tools, and more tools


27 January 2004

me and Reiner

my 'fixed' front fender

my bitchin' sheepskin seat

17 November 2003 - Photo from the Vault

me, and fellow trekker Niklas, upon our arrival in glorious Machu Pichu

23-24 January 2004 - Tierra del Fuego

red field

end of the road


swampy field


National Park


hunting electrical gremlins

National Park





National Park

my bike parked in the garden

21-22 January 2004 - Torres del Payne





20 January 2004 - Welding

after a few minutes, he remembered his welding mask

55 gallon drum used for metal to strengthen my brace

hammering away to straighten the scrap metal

20 January 2004 - Glacier Perito Moreno



19 January 2004

a place to hide from the wind

one of the salt lakes


rock formations

EVIL Ruta 40


18 January 2004 - Argentina

my pad!

EVIL Ruta 40!


near the frontera

early on, having fun

field and mountains


great ride

kids love motorcycles

hand painted road sign


cattle guard

dry pond

rock formations


pond with flamingos

Starter (cold lamb with mint cream sauce, home made goat cheese, home made pepperoni style sausage, fresh baked bread, home pickled assorted peppers)

Dinner (grilled lamb steaks, medium rare, boiled potatoes with butter and herbs, halved tomatoes with oil and herbs)



Dessert (baked pineapple with flaky crust, smothered in cream and chocolate sauce)




17 January 2004 - Carretera Austral







16 January 2004 - Carretera Austral

our campsite

Lago General Carrera


Bob, Mirko, & Peter




Lago Bertrand


road to town


Lago Bertrand

Lago Bertrand

the trash truck



15 January 2004 - Carretera Austral







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