05-06 November 2003 - La Paz

1965 Mercedes 230SL

Magnan Motors sticker


Frank and his car

the housemaid's daughter, Ana

Frank's new Mercedes


Me, the GS, and Mika in Frank's backyard





03-04 November 2003 - Return to La Paz

the GS resting spot

me and Christian at his shop

the backyard

14-20 November 2003 - La Paz, Bolivia (photos from AP)

man offers himself to be killed


police fire rubber bullets

new President, Carlos Mesa


protesters run from tear gas


thousands march on La Paz


effigy of old President


army guards bridge

another effigy of old President

police firing tear gas


Photos courtesy of (and when I say 'courtesy of', I mean 'stolen from') Associated Press (photographers Dado Galdieri, Rodrigo Abd, and Jorge Saez).


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