28 January 2003 - Managua

Volcan Momotombo

Cathedral ruins


boy who helped me find my hotel

MIB guard the cathedral



typical electric pole in CA

27 January 2003 - Cathedral of Leon




26 January 2003 - Nicaragua and Leon

volcano (right one is active)

Hotel Colonial


hotel lobby

lobby courtyard

bike parked for the night


another church in Leon

25 January 2003

"Rio Grande"

mattress truck


on the way to Tegucigalpa


Allen would be happy.  Pizza Hut, BK and Church's Chicken


Fresh Iguana Meat for Sale

24 January 2003

taking a break

Mike and Tanya


America Circus!

my ticket

the midget and the clown


rain clearing

23 January 2003 - Copan Mayan Ruins




22 January 2003 - The town of Copan Ruinas


view of the surrounding fields


main street

19 January 2003 - Omoa and Roli's

Roli's Place

Roli's dogs, Pfuderli & Colita


"I'm a tire.  Thank you."


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