25 October 2002 - Cheated by Kenna


Road to El Faro


Just after sunset

View from El Faro

View from El Faro


Police in big bad bikes!

Old Town Beach

Main Beach

El Faro, the tallest lighthouse in Latin America or something..

24 October 2002 - Old Town Mazatlan and the Market







24 October 2002 - The Ferry and The Impending Storm

Bike parked for the night

Don't disturb.. and oh yeah, don't molest me either, damnit.


View from my room

On the ferry

The gentleman who helped me


Don't look back now!

Me on the ferry

Coming into Topolobompo


A fuzzy pre-dawn view of my spacious quarters

Road block

Sunrise from the ferry


View from my room

23 October 2002 - Hanging out in La Paz

Anyone recognize this?




The marina

The machine


Dog Nap

22 October 2002 - On the way to the ferry... for real this time. I hope.

My bike in for the night.


And yet another Beemer.

Sea of Cortez

Who says the roads suck?


Sea of Cortez

Motosbaja, my new sponsor


South of Loreto

Do they know what this means?

La Paz


La Paz


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