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page 21 01-Apr-04 28-Apr-04 Uruguay, Argentina
page 20 14-Mar-04 28-Mar-04 Brazil, Uruguay
page 19 20-Feb-04 09-Mar-04 Brazil, Argentina
page 18 01-Feb-04 17-Feb-04 Argentina
page 17 06-Jan-03 27-Jan-04 Chile, Argentina
page 16 04-Dec-03 01-Jan-04 Bolivia, Chile
page 15 17-Nov-03 30-Nov-03 Peru, Bolivia
page 14 03-Nov-03 12-Nov-03 Bolivia, Peru
page 13 13-Mar-03 21-Mar-03 Peru, Chile, Bolivia
page 12 03-Mar-03 10-Mar-03 Peru
page 11 22-Feb-03 01-Mar-03 Panama
page 10 30-Jan-03 20-Feb-03 Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama
page 9 16-Jan-03 29-Jan-03 Honduras, Nicaragua
page 8 20-Dec-02 11-Jan-03 Guatemala, Honduras
page 7 06-Dec-02 18-Dec-02 Guatemala
page 6 23-Nov-02 04-Dec-02 Guatemala
page 5 16-Nov-02 20-Nov-02 Guatemala
page 4 07-Nov-02 14-Nov-02 Guatemala
page 3 31-Oct-02 06-Nov-02 Mexico, Guatemala
page 2 23-Oct-02 29-Oct-02 Mexico

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